A new fishing rig for you to try

This weekend might not be a AAA weekend for fishing but when you hit the lake, here's something to try.

If you're looking for a new fishing rig to try, give this one a shot from Jay Kumar's Bass Blaster column. It's the Tokyo Rig. Pair that with a Zoom Zlinky stickworm and as light of a weight as possible. 

What Tokyo Rig does is keep the bait about 2 1/2 inches off the bottom which drives fish crazuy. It keeps the bait right in the fish's face. The fish don't have to go to the bottomor turn onto their side to eat the bait off the bottom of their bed. The Tokyo Rig also allowes you to cast the bait in a small target area with the bait going straight down. And that should result in more bites compared to using other rigs with the same bite. 

One other thing you may want to check out is the Fish Head E-series hammer jighead. It's unique head shape that is a cross between a casting, football and stand-up head allows you to skip, swim and finesse you soft-plastic through almost any kind of cover.

The best fishing times are 6:14 to 8:14 this, 2:09 to 4:09 this afternoon, 7:03 to 9:03 Sunday morning, 3:05 to 5:05 Sunday afternoon, 7:59 to 9:59 Monday morning and 4 to 6 Monday afternoon.