Ready to catch perch

You've got to go out a bit to find the chinooks

Kewaunee County

  • Kewaunee: Chinooks were caught between 300-400 feet of water using spoons. The majority of anglers had some success targeting rainbows between 500-600 feet of water, with many bites coming on spoons in the top 40 feet.
  • Algoma: Salmon were harder to find this week, and inconsistent winds have caused some fish to move out to deeper water. Anglers who had some success were fishing anywhere from 400-600 feet of water, primarily catching rainbows using spoons in the top 30 feet of water. The chinooks that were caught this week came in that depth range as well.

Fox River

  • Fox River: The launches have had medium usage with on average 5 to 9 boats. Most of them where recreational users. The shore anglers were in low amounts with only 4 being out in the two days.
  • Metro Boat Launch: The boats were trying for walleyes and musky both days. On average 2 to 5 walleyes were being brought in with the average size being between 16 and 21 inches.

Oconto County

  • Walleye fishing in the bay slowed a little from the previous week with cooler surface temps throughout. Fish were still being caught from the Oconto Shoal south to Pensaukee mainly on crawler harnesses and jigging shiver minnows. Depths of 10 to 25 feet were most popular. Perch fishing was a little slower as well with most anglers catching many small perch with a few keeper size. Rock piles with weeds in depths of 8 to 12 feet were holding fish. A few shore anglers were seen at Oconto Park II having luck with bluegills and perch but size was small.
  • Geano Beach: Most boats that were interviewed kept at least 5 with the average size being 16-21 inches.

Brown County

  • Duck Creek, Longtail Point: These launches are seeing very little traffic.
  • Bayshore Park: Low success was reported with fishing better earlier in the week.

Marinette County

  • Some night fishing was happening on the Menominee River for walleyes. A few anglers were targeting brown trout in waters North of Marinette. Depths of 40 to 60 feet were popular with fish caught 20 to 30 down. Stinger spoons of various colors were working.