Ready to drop a line in the water?

It's time to head up to Door County or over to Waushara County

Weather conditions this past weekend were not conducive for heading outside but let's take a look at what has been happening.

In Door County, protected launches such a Chaudoir's dock and Bayshore Park had the most traffic. Angler effort was steady but slow with success rates mainly low. Anglers were focused on Walleye and Bass. Angler traffic at Potawatomi State Park was light early in the week with general weekend traffic in the park increased. Weekend angling pressure was low yet steady in numbers, however with little to no reported success. Little Sturgeon was quite popular for anglers wanting to launch into the less windy bay. Effort was steady with low reported success. Recreational boating was observed with general traffic increased over the weekend. - Rile Schultz, fisheries technician, Peshtigo

There is little fishing pressure along the Lake Michigan side of Door County the last week due to Northeast winds. The only port that had fishing pressure was Rowley's Bay. It appeared majority of the anglers went toward the Mink River. Reiboldt Creek had suckers in it early in the week, however, as the weekend came the suckers disappeared. Fishing pressure was the highest of the year on the Bayside. Anglers were found fishing from Ellison Bay all the way down to Sturgeon Bay. Shore fishing from Ephraim was producing smallmouth bass using live bait as well as jerk baits. Stone Quarry had the second highest fishing pressure this week with anglers having mixed results. The anglers trolling for walleyes had a tough week. While anglers jigging for walleyes managed to catch a few walleyes, with even a few whitefish mixed in yet. Smallmouth bass were caught out of the Stone Quarry launch as well. Although those anglers had to fish nearly all day to catch any smallmouth. Sawyer Park Launch had the highest fishing pressure of the year so far due to the Sturgeon Bay Bass Tournament. The two day total winning weight was 56.70 pounds. Anglers reported that water temps were ranged from 46 to 49 degrees in the canal. Smallmouth bass were difficult to catch for the anglers. Anglers fishing along the shore are still catching northern pike by Stone Harbor Resort. - Cody Flavionl, fisheries technician, Mishicot

InĀ  Waushara County, i t has been continued up and down weather here in Waushara County, but the temperatures are starting to rise. This weekend looks like a mess of sun and storms fitting of spring. Lake temperatures are still a little on the cool side, but slowly improving so hopefully we will have some spawning taking place in the near future. I have not heard of any fawns dropping yet, but again I wouldn't be surprised to see one or two in the coming weeks. Turkey seasons are still continuing and birds are still responsive early in the mornings or when you are close it seems. Don't give up - it only takes one bird! Green up has finally happened and buds are dropping and leaves are popping throughout the county. Early wildflowers have opened and are a pleasant sight over a pretty uniform green/brown landscape. Ticks have been a little slow to emerge this year due to the continued cold temperatures at night, but I have seen some and I wouldn't be surprised with all this water and some consistent warm temperatures to see an explosion of them soon. Be mindful to check yourself, your kids, and your pets after you have been outside - tick borne diseases are not something you want to have to deal with. Trout fishing has been quite good in spots and even though water levels are still higher than normal on the streams fishermen have been having success. These cool mornings are great to take a walk in the river or on the bank, so get out there and enjoy what Waushara County has to offer!