Principal Announces Snow Day With a Billy Joel Parody

"We Didn't Start The Fire" parody to call off school...I love it!

The principal of Conestoga High School in Murray, Nebraska is a guy named David Friedli. And yesterday, he announced the school was canceled for a snow day . . . by recording a four-minute parody of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" .

And this thing had NO RIGHT to turn out as well as it did. It should've been super corny, but somehow, David sells it. Even though he's not a great singer . . . he's wearing sunglasses indoors . . . and he recorded it in his kitchen.

For a little taste, the lyrics start with, "Out on 42nd street, weather there is less than neat, snow is drifting, winds are blowing, it's a real mess."

And the chorus, of course, goes, "Staff didn't want a snow day, but the snow keeps falling so that's why we're calling."

You know he's been practicing this for months just waiting for his opportunity to drop this video.