90s at 9 Thinking About Mortality

Every human has to face it so Alice In Chains wrote a song about it.

"Them Bones" was the lead single off Alice In Chains' second and most acclaimed album Dirt.  The song was written by guitarist Jerry Cantrell about mortality, "I was just thinking about mortality, that one of these days we'll end up a pile of bones. It's a thought for every human being, whether you believe in an afterlife or that when we die, that's it. The thought that all the beautiful things and knowledge and experiences you've been through just end when you end scares me, the thought that when you close your eyes for good, it's gone forever."

In a 1998 interview with Guitar World Cantrell said of the song's structure, "I really don't know where that comes from; it just comes naturally to me. I could sit down and figure it out, but what's the use? Off-time stuff is just more exciting — it takes people by surprise when you shift gears like that before they even know what the hell hit 'em. It's also effective when you slow something down and then slam 'em into the dash. A lot of Alice stuff is written that way — 'Them Bones' is a great off-time song."

The song peaked at #24 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and #30 on the Alternative Songs chart.
Alice In Chains "Them Bones" 1992