90s at 9 'Hey dad, what do you think about your son now?'

Drunken episode on a plane inspired this huge hit for Filter.

"Take A Picture" was the second single from Filter's second studio album Title Of Record. It was a huge hit for the band peaking at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also 7 on the Hot Adult Top 40 tracks, 15 on the Top 40 Minstream, 4 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and #3 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks.
Lead singer Richard Patrick said this song is about him getting drunk on an airplane taking off all of his clothes and fighting with the flight attendants that tried to subdue him. 

Patrick told Artist Direct : "There was no thought behind it. It was off-the-cuff. It was emotional. I was so lonely. When you drink, you feel cut off from everybody. The isolation is wild. You isolate yourself, but then you realize you're left all alone. I'd get in trouble. I got arrested, but I was taken to a psych ward."

"That was the second time I had an issue on airplane," he continued. "I was like, 'I bet my dad's going to be proud of this!' There's that song, 'Dad, I'm In Jail.' 'Take A Picture' was my homage to that. 'Hey dad, what do you think about your son now?' is a double entendre. Do you think my platinum records are cool? Do you think I'm a success? Do you know how much pain I'm in? Do you have any idea what's going on with me? I think everybody has that thing with their parents. They want to figure out their moms and dads."

Filter "Take A Picture" 1999