My Daughter Cut Her Own Hair

It could've been worse so I'm thankful for that, but what is it with kids cutting their own hair?

I know a lot of kids do it and this could've been worse, but I was not happy about my 5 year old's attempt at hairdressing. 

When I got home from awarding an amazing student at Alexander Middle School in Nekoosa a trophy for Hero Of The Week because she is an incredible daughter, I discovered that my own daughter had been up to no good. I found a pile of hair on the floor next to the garbage and the scissors on top of the garbage lid. My twins were the only ones home so I asked, loudly I will admit, "Who cut their hair?" Neither fessed up so I checked Zoey's hair first and she was fine. I took one look at Kenzie and noticed that she took about 3 inches off one side! 

I have a nonchalance when it comes to hair. I've had every color you can think of, every style from very long to pixie, permed and stick straight. My hair philosophy is it'll grow back or you can change the color back so go ahead and experiment AS LONG AS IT'S DONE BY A PROFESSIONAL. So when I saw her hair I didn't panic or yell, I asked her why she did it and she started bawling. 

I said, "You obviously know you did something wrong. So you're not going to cut your hair yourself ever again right?" Bawl bawl bawl head nodding. "Okay, we need to go to the salon to get it fixed and you'll have short hair." Bawl bawl bawl head nodding. 

I couldn't let her go to school looking like an 80s punk rocker so I made some calls and checked online and got her into one of those quick cut places. Kenzie hopped up into the chair and after assessing the situation the stylist, Kenzie and I all agreed on a chin length bob. Kenzie made sure to tell the stylist, "I want to be cuter than my hair." The stylist and I both had a good laugh. After her hair was done she loved it and could not stop looking at herself in the mirror. 

I hope she never cuts her hair again, but there are much worse things kids can do. One thing I know is that she'll never get away with anything because she is horrible at hiding the evidence.