The Artist Spotlight- Boston Manor

Boston Manor were featured on The Artist Spotlight today with their song "Ratking."

The Artist Spotlight today featured  Boston Manor and their song "Ratking." The song will be on the band's upcoming album "Glue" which will be out May 1st. 

I had a chance to interview their lead singer Harry. Check out the full convo below. 

1. How did Boston Manor Form? What's the band's backstory?

We had been playing together in separate bands in our hometown growing up. There were no local venues back then so we’d put the shows on ourselves in DIY spaces all around the town, usually scout huts or pubs. In 2013 all went away to university and then started playing together; initially just for fun because we wanted to make music we could listen too. After a while we started playing shows, first in Manchester, then we bought a van and started playing shows further afield, Scotland & London etc. We’d never really expected to play outside of our area & eventually we were playing overseas; things just kept snowballing I guess & eventually we quit our jobs & went on tour all year round and never stopped.

2. What is the band currently doing during the COVID-19 outbreak? Are you able to do any livestream shows in the meantime?

We’re trying a few things. We’re doing an album listening party the evening of release, we’re also going to be streaming some acoustic sets. As well as doing a curated online art show. Other than that we’re just taking the time to be creative; write as much music as we can & spend time with our loved ones.

3. The song we are featuring on The Artist Spotlight on April 23rd is "Ratking"? What is the message or inspiration behind the song?

I guess it’s a song about the satisfaction of proving someone wrong when they’ve didn’t believe in you. It’s a great feeling.

4. Your new album "Glue" comes out on May 1st. What are some of the themes on the album?

It’s a product of the pressure of the world that’s built up over the last 2 years. I feel like it’s been one of the strangest shifts in culture, politics & general human behaviour. I was talking to my girlfriend this morning about what a different world we lived in when we started the band. Honestly I think it was a different world 2 years ago. We’ve never seen such radical division in people through politics, the internet & social class. The frustrating thing is it seems like everyone shares a common goal but we can’t agree on the journey.

5. I imagine a lot of things are up in the air when it comes to tours and shows at the moment. But does the band have any plans for 2020?

I suppose we won’t know for certain until we see any clear idea of when this is going to end. We had a whole year of touring booked but much of that has had to be moved until 2021. If it changes before the end of the year then we plan to be on the road as much as possible.

Check out the video for "Ratking."


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