A Meme That's a Real Tear Jerker.

Reality TV shows are kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. If I'm not 100% invested in the subject, It still makes for good background noise while I'm doing something else. Another reason I watch them is sometimes they produce some great cringe moments. I don't happen to be the only one who picks up on these gems, because of all the reality show memes I've seen produced, this one stands at the forefront of my mind!

The Best Cry Ever

(2010 - 2011)

This clip came from the A&E reality series Intervention. This episode focuses on a man struggling with his addictions, and dealing with the damaged relationship with his son. In context, the cry isn't that funny because the moment itself is touching. Take context out of it however, and it's ripe for remixes. Saturday Night Live even parodied the moment in one of their sketches! Check out all the remixes, and learn more about the episode of Intervention  here!