Y2Kessler: 4 Windows Up

This song comes with a very personal story. When I was in the 8th grade, our school hosted a "Lock-in" which was basically like a big party held inside the school where the staff would lock us inside with games, food, movies, and music until about 10:30 when our parents would pick us up. One of the activities at this lock in was a Karaoke Contest.  Contestants would get 2 songs and a panel of 3 judges would vote to see who won. The two songs I chose were "Hanging by a Moment" by Lifehouse, and today's Y2Kessler song, "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down. Long story short I took third place only because the judges were the parents of 2nd and 1st place. 

Now for the facts about Kryptonite itself! This song was written when the lead singer was only 15 years old! He wrote it in a math class, and he also wrote the drum progressions by rapping on his school desk with his hands! It's actually kinda fun if you try it yourself!

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite - 2000