Y2Kessler: Oh, THAT'S Who Sang That Song!

You ever have an elusive song in your life? The kind of song you hear every once and a while, might even get stuck in your head a few times, but you don't really enjoy it enough to go out of your way to find out who the artists is who sings it? Well that's pretty much how I felt about today's Y2Kessler jam. Sweetness was completely unrecognizable to me as a song title that held any meaning. I've heard of Jimmy Eat World Before though! Then I pressed play, and immediately recognized the song! 

It's an ear worm alright. Primarily about bouncing back from a bad break-up. Which we've all had at least once in our lives, right? The song was featured in NHL 2003, and the Florida Panthers hockey team used it as their goal song for a couple of years! 

Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness - 2002