Y2Kessler: 420 "Friendly"

Have you ever had a toxic, on again / off again, relationship with someone? The kind of relationship where you've broken up at least 3 times already this year, yet you still find yourselves back together within a few weeks time anyway? The kind of relationship that's about 60% lust, and 40% wishing they never entered your life in the first place? It's not exactly a healthy relationship, but today's song isn't exactly about healthy coping mechanisms either. "Get Stoned" makes for a way better, and more relatable song than, "Block Their Ass, and Run"

So say you've haven't seen this person since the last time you broke it off. You agreed to go out tonight to maybe clear the air and see if you can work things out.  Everything seemed to be going great until, at the height of the night's plans, that thing that drove the wedge between you two before has resurfaced! Now they're pissed, they're loud about it, and you just want it to stop. You're at the point where you just want to pull the plug on the night, go home, pack a fat one, and "sleep" it off.  To anyone whose had, or is in the middle of, this kind of relationship; as appealing as Hinder's song makes it, the better choice is to leave them there, go home, get stoned alone , then maybe hop on Tinder and move on. But again, that wouldn't make for an interesting song, now would it? 

"Get Stoned" dropped in 2005, and was the top single off their debut album "Extreme Behavior", and the song peaked at #4 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks!

Hinder - Get Stoned - 2005