Y2Kessler: A Murder of Megalomaniacs

It's easy to assume that songs that sound directed toward a single person are about a particular person. That's not the case with Incubus' "Megalomaniac" from 2003 off their album, "A Crow Left of the Murder...". According to lead singer, Brandon Boyd, the song isn't directed towards any one megalomaniac in particular! However, he did admit that he was thinking of El Guapo from the movie Three Amigos. Talk about a deep cut, bet you weren't thinking of that guy huh?

I think the ambiguity is what makes the song so great. You could line 5 people up in a room, have them listen to the song privately, then write a list of the people they think this song could be about. Aside from a couple similarities, you can bet that each of those 5 people had different answers.  The song leaves it open for interpretation which, to me,  makes the song timeless! What megalomaniac do you think of when you listen to this song? I know I can think of one in particular!  ;)

Incubis - Megalomaniac - 2003