2 fun & FREE upgrades for "Cards Against Humanity"

There's no such thing as too many board games.

If you're a gamer, odds are " Cards Against Humanity " has found its way to your game table since its release in 2011.

For the uninitiated, " Cards Against Humanity " is a bit like " Apples to Apples ".

In " Apples to Apples ", each player gets a hand of several red cards.  A judge flips over a green card, then the players play the red card that they think matches up best with the green card.  The judge picks what he/she feels is the best match, and the point goes to the winner of that round.  Then the next player becomes the judge.

In " Cards Against Humanity " each player gets a hand of white cards that say some delightfully silly/horrid things.  The Judge flips over a black card that has a fill-in-the-blank sentence, or a question.  The players then play the white card they feel is the best match.  The judge makes his/her pick, and the point goes to the winner.

The thing is with " Cards Against Humanity " is that eventually, you start seeing the same old jokes pop up over and over again.  You can buy expansions to add new black and white cards to the game, but I'm going to present you with two FREE and FUN upgrades to your game.

The main game and the expansions for " Cards Against Humanity " come with a bunch of blank White Cards and blank Black Cards.  Grab those and a permanent marker.  We're about to get to work.

Humanity is screwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwed.

UPGRADE 1.  [Your name here]

When you get your playgroup together, write the name of each player on a blank white card.   DO NOT LET THEM KNOW THIS IS HAPPENING!   Then, when you shuffle the new cards into the draw stacks, make sure the "name" cards are near the top.  You WANT these to be played!

There's nothing better than that first moment when the answer to a card like "Instead of coal, Santa now gives the children [YOUR FRIEND'S NAME]" happens.

UPGRADE 2.  The "Richard" Move

I actually stole this upgrade from " The Big Bang Theory Party Game ".

I don't feel bad about stealing it, because this game is yet another " Apples to Apples " ripoff, and  "The Big Bang Theory" is an absolutely awful TV Show .  If you watch it, please stop and rethink your life choices.

The crappy game based on combining " Apples to Apples " with  THE WORST SHOW ON MODERN TELEVISION did have one saving grace.  The "Bazinga" mechanic.

Here's how it works in a game that isn't based on  a show that should have never been allowed to see the light of day .

When playing " Cards Against Humanity ", there are going to be rounds where you have a grip full of white cards that are not going to work with the black card at all.  It's a miserable place to be in.

You know what they say about misery loving company?

This is a group project.  Take a bunch of blank white cards and have each player at your table draw a picture of male genitalia on it.  Then, shuffle them into the draw piles.

Got a grip full of white cards that don't work with the black one?  No problem.  Play one of your white cards when everyone else does.  Then, just as the judge is about to get all judge-y, slam down your card with a crudely drawn bit of male anatomy!  This forces the judge to flip over a NEW BLACK CARD!  It screws everyone at the table over, making it a...RICHARD MOVE!

Hmmmm.  If only there was a nickname for Richard that would work better for this.  I'd ask  Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon , but he's dead.  Maybe someone in our website's "Standards & Practices" department has an idea.



Make those 2 FREE upgrades to your " Cards Against Humanity " game, and watch the hilarity ensue!

Got some ideas for what to do with the blank black cards?

Got some more ideas for the blank white cards?

Hate "The Big Bang Theory" as much as I do?

Drop a comment below!

*** In addition to hating "The Big Bang Theory" with every fiber of his being, and firing a rifle into the air while ***** deep in a squealing hog , "Scary" Terry Stevens is a radio host for Midwest Communications. You can Book Face with him here .