Taking advantage of good sturgeon spearing weather

The DNR's Ryan Koenigs notes that a lot of spearers were out on Lake Winnebago on Friday.

Ryan Koenigs of the DNR has been monitoring the sturgeon spearing on Lake Winnebago. 

What did he observe today? 

There were quite a few spearers that capitalized on the bluebird, sunny day today and harvested a sturgeon from Lake Winnebago. In fact, today’s harvest of 39 fish was the higest of any weekday this season. Stockbridge Harbor and Waverly Beach were the busiest stations by far, registering 17 and 13 fish respecively. The remaining 9 fish were registered between the other three stations of Payne’s Point (4), Calumet Harbor (4) and Wendt’s (1). I made my way around to most of our stations today and talked to a number of spearers that mentioned they would be keeping a close eye on the weather this weekend. Many spearers also decided to pull shacks from the lake altogether today. So it’s clear that weather will impact the last weekend of the 2019 sturgeon spearing season, but we will learn more about that impact tomorrow. There were 2 fish larger than 100 pounds harvested today. The largest fish was 122.4 pounds (72.3”) and registered at Calumet Harbor (Pipe) by Charles Freund of Chilton. A more detailed breakdown of today’s harvest along with a photo of Charles and his fish can be veiewed through the following links:

Day 14 - Harvest Report.pdf

Charles Freund_72.3 inches_122.4 pounds_Cal Harbor_2-22-2019.jpg