What's biting where?

If you looking to go fishing around the lakeshore, here's what's biting

Hopefully, the fish get hungry because reports show the fish are in no mood to bite.

Manitowoc County

  • There was very little fishing effort this week in Manitowoc or Two Rivers this week. One angler out of Two Rivers this week tried for whitefish, with no luck though. They targeted whitefish in the 90 to 100 feet of water. Anglers fishing off the piers in Two Rivers also had little luck. There was a report of someone catching a brown trout off the north pier. One angler in Manitowoc went south out of town towards the weed beds. That angler had no luck. There was no one fishing on the piers this week while on creel. Harbor fishing is slow right now and anglers fishing for smallmouth bass didn’t have any luck.

Door County

  • Sawyer Harbor: Potawotami State Park: Few anglers were using this access, little to no angler success reported. Idlewild: Only a couple anglers used this location this week. Success reported fishing for Small mouth Bass.

Kewaunee County

  • Lakeside: One angler was out on the water for 6 hours and didn’t have a hit. They tried trolling in 8 feet of water and as deep as 115 feet of water. The water temps in shallow were 46 degrees yet, while it was 39 degrees out deep on the surface. Anglers fishing in the Kewaunee River were catching carp and occasionally a catfish. The parking lot at Kewaunee was completely underwater up to the cleaning station over the weekend.