Will the rain stay away and allow for great fishing?

Rain messed with everyone who wanted to catch fish last week. Hopefully, this week will be better

Fox River

  • Fox River: Traffic was very low with a couple of vessels observed launching from Metro. Shore angling effort was also low at all locations. Fairgrounds and Fox Point showed very little to low use in accordance with weather. There was also very little to no recreational traffic. Water levels are over the ramps of many docks and debris found at most access points.

Oconto County

  • Wind and rain had a big effect on fishing pressure this week resulting in low participation. Only a handful of boats out off of Oconto fishing walleyes with no luck. A couple perch and sheepshead were the only fish reported caught. More anglers were seen shore fishing at Oconto Park II for perch. Most anglers were catching bluegills, bullheads, and largemouth bass along with a couple perch. The bluegills were the most active with size running around 5 inches. Perch were averaging about 2 keepers per hour of fishing. All species were hitting crawlers under slip bobbers.
  • Geano Beach: Little to no traffic at this location. There was zero angler effort observed for this first time this season.

Brown County

  • Duck Creek, Longtail Point, Suamico River: Traffic was low to non-existent. At highest use a handful of trailers were present. No parties exited the water, however upon launch one party shared they would be pursuing Muskellunge.
  • Bayshore Park: This week has been very slow due to the poor and rainy weather we had. The 8th and 11th were the two days where the weather kept basically all the anglers from fishing. On the 8th there was 2 boats that went out but didn’t come back in before I had to leave. The 11th nobody ventured out to try fishing. On the 13th, but again nobody was out fishing. There was no shore fishing either for any of the three days.

Marinette County

  • Wind and rain this week slowed angling effort throughout the area. Anglers on the Peshtigo River were targeting perch, pike, and smallmouth bass with a little luck. A few bass and pike were caught casting bright colored spinnerbaits and crankbaits. The pike were on the smaller size but a few bass in the 16 to 18 inch range were reported primarily towards the mouth of the river. Fishing on the bay was slow with a couple boats targeting walleyes by Chambers Island with no luck and one boat trying for salmon off Little River with no luck on salmon but catching 4 pike and a smallmouth bass. Both shore anglers and boat anglers were fishing sturgeon this week as the catch and release season opened on the lower Menominee River. Most anglers were fishing above the train bridges to the dam using crawlers and cut sucker pieces. Fishing was said to be slow with a few small fish being caught along with the occasional sucker, catfish, and rock bass.