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  • #31- They Know it All

    Kids think they know it all... and sometimes we can't even argue. 

  • #30 - Slime and Putty: Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

    Stef and Nikki talk about every parent's enemy...slime!  Nikki discovered how to get slime out of clothes, but can't get putty out. ...

  • #29 - Home school

    Stef and Nikki chat about how they're handling home schooling and tricks to keep the kids entertained during quarantine. 

  • #28- Kids and COVID - 19

    How to educate our kids on the COVID-19

  • #27- Keyboard Warriors

    Stop judging other moms for how they parent. As long as the kid is alive and happy, that's all that should matter. 

  • #26- Internet Challenges

    Stef and Nikki chat about the ridiculous online challenges kids are getting involved in now days. 

  • #25- Kids Get Stressed Too

    Parenting is stressful, but so is being a kid! 

  • #24- Phone Usage

    When should a kid be allowed to own a smart phone?

  • #23- Story Tellers

    Kids are natural story tellers, but when does their imagination turn into lying?

  • #22- Disney Tips

    Nikki just returned from a Disney vacation with her kids and shares her top 10 tips for making Disney with kids much easier. 

  • #21- Untrustworthy People

    Nikki's daughter learned early that you can't trust everyone. 

  • #20- Kids in Sports

    Nikki and Stef talk about their kids starting sports and how far you should push them to finish what they started. 

  • #19- Childhood "addictions"

    Stef and Nikki chat about childhood "addictions" such as pacifiers, blankets etc... 

  • #18- Kids Say the Darndest Things

    Stef and Nikki chat about the things that come out of their kid's mouths and them acting like little adults. 

  • #17- Technology

    Nikki and Stef chat about when is the right time to let kids use technology.

  • #16- Elf on the Shelf

    Nikki and Stef chat this week about a great holiday tradition, elf on the shelf! 

  • #15- Saying No

    Stef and Nikki chat about how sometimes it's hard to say "no" to your kid, but you need to learn when and how is the best time to tell ...