Y2Kessler: A Bizkit in a China Shop

You know you've had days like this. You just wake up in a piss poor mood, everything seems to be going wrong after another, you're struggling for something to look forward too, you don't really want to deal with people today, and the only thing you want more than to punch everybody in the face is to go back to bed. That's what Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" is all about. 

Now when you wake up feeling like you want to curb stomp any mother-flipper that crosses you, you know full well you aren't actually going to act on it. (Or at least you should. If not, maybe you should talk to somebody about that.) However, when this song was introduced at 1999 Woodstock, it incited actual violence!

The music video hosts a wide  cast of nostalgia inducing cameos, including Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Pauly Shore, Derek Jeter, Seth Green, and Flea just to name a few! Pinnacle figures in early 2000's pop culture! Just thinking about them in a room together makes me long for the CKY days. 

Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff - 2000