Y2Kessler: I Know The Pieces Fit

Tool is one of my all time favorite bands. Seeing them live last summer was the closest thing to a spiritual experience  my black little heart could have ever experienced. So you best believe that I'm excited to talk about this song! This was the song that first introduced me to Tool! Back when a friend of mine in high school showed me the surreal music video! Wouldn't be until several years later I stumbled across the video again, and actually watched more Tool music videos. Not long after I was seeking out their entire discography, which compared to most bands, is pretty easy to digest considering they haven't released anything new since 2006. 

"Schism" was the first single off Tool's 3rd album Lateralus. The song is best known for its unorthodox time signatures. Analysts have found that the song changes the meter 47 times! The song is about complications that can arise in relationships when there's a lack of communication. The music video is still up there for one of the most bizzare music videos I've ever seen!

Tool - Schism - 2001