Y2Kessler : I Know You Wanna Hit That!

Hit That is the single off the The Offspring's 2003 Album, "Splinter".  This song would the the second time they'd hit the charts with a number 1 single since "Come out and Play" from the album "Smash" (Probably my favorite Offspring album personally.) 

What originally was a statement on promiscuity by frontman Dexter Holland, was translated into something a little more metaphoric, using the concept of a dog running loose through the streets of London. 

The animation for 2003 was pretty incredible looking for the time. MTV wrote an article about the behind the scenes of shooting the video, and it stated the the actor wore a blank faced mask that the animators would use as a canvas for bringing emotion and singing to the character walking around! Brilliant! So instead of relying on animating an entire model, they had a real actor that they filmed, and animated the facial emotions after! The same 

I'll admit it's been a long time since I've seen this music video, and it ages spectacularly well! 

The Offspring - Hit That - 2003