Y2Kessler: Witness Me!!!

Hard to believe that Halestorm released their debut single 10 years ago! "I Get Off" was the 2nd track and the lead single for their debut self titled album. The song talks about Voyeurism and exhibitionism, which was pretty bold of Lzzy to sing about on her first album. Even her bandmates were a little apprehensive about whether or not she wanted this to be on the radio. 

 "It was difficult for me at first to figure out what I wanted to say on this record and considering it all really falls on my shoulders and the guys have to live with it. [Laughs] That happened last time with “I Get Off” and they’re like “Uhh, you sure you want to say this on the radio? And are we gonna have to do these backing vocals?” [Laughs] But it’s fine. They’ve been really good and just kind of said, “Hey, you know, whatever you’re feeling, go for it.” So I have." 

Also, fun fact, I didn't realize that Lzzy Hale didn't have an "i" in her name until writing this blog. 

Halestorm - I Get Off - 2009