And the sturgeon spearing season ends

It's over. Sixteen days of sturgeon spearing has come and gone.

The DNR's Ryan Koenigs brings the 2019 sturgeon spearing season to a close.

The 2019 sturgeon spearing season on the Winnebago System is now in the books. There were 23 fish harvested today bringing the season total to 479 fish. The clear water along the north shore made areas 1 and 2 the places to be during this season. This was evident by Stockbridge Harbor and Waverly Beach being the busiest registration stations this season. The largest fish harvested on the season’s final day was 111.7 pounds (74.0”) and registered at Wendt’s by Kraig Kelliher of Hartford . That name may sound familiar as this is the 2 nd time in 3 seasons that Kraig has spearerd a fish 100 pounds or larger. In fact, Kraig and his friend Doug Endlich were featured on the front page of the 2018 sturgeon spearing regulation pamphlet holding Kraig’s 140.5 pound (76.0”) sturgeon that he harvested during the 2017 spearing season. Deja vue today as Kraig speared another 100 pound fish, but this time Doug also speared roughly a 66” fish on the same day. Congratulations goes out to these guys on one heck of a day! I have included a photo of Kraig and Doug with their fish in todays report along with the breakdown of today’s harvest and the season harvest.

Kraig Kelliher and Doug Endlich_Wendts_2-24-2019.jpg

Day 16 - Harvest Report.pdf