It's looking good outdoors

Memorial Day weekend has arrived and so has the green growth. A green up of vegetation and regular rains have lowered spring fire danger statewide.

Water levels are still very high on the Wolf River system and a number of central Wisconsin lakes and local government officials have placed emergency slow no wake orders on some waters. Check with county or local officials before boating.

The northern zone musky season opens this weekend. White bass have been biting very well on the Wolf River, where there are also still walleyes being caught but not as many as there were a few weeks ago. Walleye are beginning to find their way back to the Upriver Lakes and Lake Winnebago and anglers have been having some success on rock reefs, although strong winds made fishing difficult on the system, particularly Lake Winnebago. Panfish anglers have also been finding some crappie and bluegill action in bays and channels. Fox River walleye fishing has slowed and anglers were getting a lot of sheepshead out of Voyageur Park.

High winds and waves creating unsafe conditions also kept a lot anglers off Green Bay and Lake Michigan. Waves were said to be 8 feet in the bay. Waves were crashing hard against the Lake Michigan jetties made them difficult to fish off. There were a few brown trout reported at Port Washington. Coho and brown trout were the most targeted fish out of Racine and Kenosha but very few coho have been caught lately.

This is the final week of turkey season and hunters are reporting good success. Many birds are being seen and toms are still strutting.

There have been reports of fox pups being seen, including this one near the Woodruff DNR Fish Hatchery. Fawns are also being seen. Remember keep wildlife wild and observe from a distance. Photo credit: Michelle Woodford

Early reports of fawns have come in. Please remember that fawns are often left alone for very long periods of time. This does not mean they have been abandoned and need human intervention. Fawns give off very little scent and are spotted to help camouflage them from predators. Adults stay away to protect the fawns. Please leave fawns alone and enjoy watching them from a distance. If you have any questions about " keeping wildlife wild " please check out the DNR website . There have also been reports of fox pups, including one near the Woodruff DNR hatchery.