Y2Kessler: A Schizophrenic Scantlin

Puddle of Mudd's second single was released in 2007, and includes lead singer Wes Scantlin taking a good hard look at himself and asking "Maybe I'm the one who's crazy". Wes wrote this song while he was staring at at object late one night. He was staring at a lawn gnome. Hours he sat and stared at this inanimate object when he thought he saw it move, which begged the question "Maybe I'm the one who's a schizophrenic psycho?" Judging by his behavior in the years coming after this, I'd say that's a pretty fair assumption. 

Psycho topped the mainstream rock charts for 9 weeks at number 1, and the music video has tons of nods to cult horror movies! 

Puddle of Mudd - Psycho - 2007