Y2Kessler: There's Something Missing...

You ever find yourself in the moment, a really good one, only to be taken out of it slightly because you wish somebody was there to experience it with you? It's a big mood, which is why "Wish You Were Here" is one of my favorite songs by Incubus.  I know, personally, I've felt these feelings before. Especially in the early 2000's, at the height of my lovesick puppy days. Funny thing is, the song isn't written about any one person in particular. Lead singer, Brandon Boyd said in an interview once, 

"The song wasn’t specifically about a person. It was about me acknowledging a very brief moment in my life and in my experience with all of these guys in making this record. In that moment, I wish that I had somebody to go, ‘I love you, man.’ I was wishing that there was someone there to share that moment with."

Being the lead single off their 4th studio album, This would become Incubus' most popular song. It was also later featured in the video game Donkey Konga 2, which I'm pretty sure makes this the 3rd or 4th song we've covered on Y2Kessler that was featured in that obscure piece of media. 

Incubus - Wish You Were Here - 2001


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